Almy sells Catholic vestments, Episcopal vestments, all church vestments
  Vestments, Almy sells Catholic vestments, Episcopal vestments, all church vestments
Vestments, from traditional catholic vestments to episcopal vestments, Almy meets all your vestment needs

Vestments from CM Almy - timeless design, excellent materials and traditional tailoring

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Since 1892, CM Almy has made ecclesiastical vestments and clergy stoles according to the highest standards of the great Western tradition. Inspired by the English Gothic Revival our design philosophy strives to create liturgical vestments that glorify God, complement the church interior, dignify the celebrants and lend grace to Christian worship.

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Today, we make vestments suited to a variety of architectural and worship styles, always in fine, long-lasting materials and in all the colors of the church calendar. Almy vestments are enriched with meaningful and tasteful adornment and tailored with a careful eye to craftsmanship. Our vestments are designed in conformance with the Western or Roman Catholic norms that emerged in the Middle Ages and revived in the 19th century. Today, Almy vestments are shared by the Catholic, Episcopal and Lutheran churches and are being rediscovered by Methodists, Pentecostals and others. Almy chasubles, copes, dalmatics and stoles are in churches of every type throughout North American and the rest of the world.

CM Almy - makers of fine ecclesiastical vestments since 1892

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